Charwood™ fencing


Where:  Southern California

What:  Backyard privacy fence.

Product:   Charwood ™ 1×6 shiplap

Product Use:

The stunning appearance of this Charwood™ custom material creates a beautiful contrast between the Shou Sugi Ban charred finish and the stone fence pillars  The additional use of the rock and concrete ties the fence to the yard creating a peaceful and unique back yard environment.

The 1×6 shiplap creates a total privacy setting while maintaining the appearance of individual boards.

In combination with the landscaping, the Charwood™ fencing contributes to a peaceful environment, while adding the historical element of the Japanese traditional finish of the charred wood.

Montana Timber Products Charwood™ is pre-finished with SealOnce™ and comes ready to install.  Seal-Once™ is an eco-friendly water based wood sealant with NO VOCs.

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