Eco-Friendly Sustainable Siding Choice


Where:  Montana
Products:  ranchwood™ Artisan  Ash color in douglas fir with raked texture
Product use:  1×6 horizontal shiplap siding with 2×4 and 1×8 square edge trim and corner pieces, 1×8 fascia and 1×6 soffit material.

This home combined stone and wood to provide an eco-friendly sustainable exterior aesthetic.  Beautiful sustainable designs that combine natural stone and wood create interesting facades all while being environmentally responsible.  The homeowners wanted to ensure the maintenance of products selected would be environmentally responsible when re-application was necessary.   Watered based wood sealant such as, Seal-Once penetrates and bonds to the cellular structure of the wood, giving the homeowner protection to their home and the environment.

The use of pre-finished wood makes a big difference in the project quality and longevity.  Sealing all sides of the material in a controlled environment provide a consistent, high-quality finish for the project.  This eliminates the need for onsite finishing, saving on labor, time, and inconsistencies.  Montana Timber Products is a leading manufacturer of specialty pre-finished wood and reclaimed wood products.  Our process allows us to customize each order to meet the customers design needs.  The extensive line of products include siding, trim, soffit and fascia, interior accents, timbers, fabricated trusses, decking and glulam beams.  Customers enjoy mill direct pricing, quick delivery, exceptional quality, flexibility to customize colors and profiles. To get a quote or more information call 406-215-4961 or fill out the contact form at:


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