AquaFir™ Clear Vertical Grain Cedar with Fireline™ treatment

Posted on: April 28, 2022

AquaFir™ Clear Vertical Grain Cedar with Fireline™ treatment

Where:  Truckee, CA
Products:  AquaFir™ product line in custom color siding and soffit in smooth texture.  Wood substrate is Clear Vertical Grain Cedar.
Product Use:  1×8 tongue and groove with ¼” reveal for the horizontal siding. Soffit material 1×4 tongue and groove is all Fireline™.

Fireline™ treatment uses a vacuum pressure impregnation process to remove moisture and air from the wood cells and replace it with additives.  The fire treatment lasts the useful life of the wood product.  Fireline™ is a compliant option for homes in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zone.  When projects require the extra protection Montana Timber Products offers a solution without sacrificing the character of the natural wood material.

mountain house

wood siding

Our ranchwood™, AquaFir™, ranchwood™ Artisan, ranchwood™ weathered, Charwood™, and Corral Board product lines offer a full selection of exterior and interior wood materials.  All the products can be used for residential and commercial application.  Each product line is offered in two wood species, Douglas Fir and Cedar in various grades, talk to a Montana Timber Products representative to find out what fits your design and budget best.  Call 406-215-4961 for more information or fill out the contact form at:


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