Offering Round-the-Clock Protection from Fire

You’re concerned about the growing dangers of forest fires. We understand. It’s been on our minds, too. So we developed two innovative treatment solutions to protect Montana Timber Products real wood from fire without sacrificing its warmth and beauty. Our goal is to provide architects, contractors, and homeowners with solutions to prepare for the increasing prevalence of fire hazards. We offer two solutions at different prices and intended for different needs.

Spray-applied option:

We can treat your pre-finished wood materials with a spray-applied product named Fire Kote-100.  Montana Timber Products will apply Fire Kote during our finishing process, so your materials are delivered fully treated. Fire Kote is compatible with all of our product lines and color options and  does not change their appearance.

Pressure-treated option:

We offer an option to treat your Douglas Fir or Cedar material through a certified pressure-treatment process.  This treatment exceeds the most stringent fire suppression standards, such as building in areas designated by the Wildland-Urban Interface code.