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Montana Timber Products provides rustic design solutions for Hospitality and Resort clients across the U.S. Hospitality and Resort property owners have discovered that our prefinished ranchwood™ , AquaFir™, and Charwood™ product lines provide excellent rustic exterior and interior aesthetic alternatives for their accommodations to help maximize curb appeal and improve overall guest experience.


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An excellent product to spruce up the exterior or interior design of your restaurant spaces, our ranchwood™, Aquafir™, and Charwood™ product lines have quickly become a favorite feature of independent and national owners. The NO VOC (volatile organic compounds) finish on our products combined with their rustic flare are the recipe required to dress up these fine eating establishments...

Retail & Office

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From urban to recreational market spaces, ranchwood’s rustic aesthetic appeal and predictable price point has led it to be a product of choice for commercial and retail developers who desire rustic building material integrated into their building designs.