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Why an alternative to traditional wood siding?

Charwood™ is a product that utilizes the natural non-toxic properties of charred wood. The Shou Shgi Ban style of charring the wood is storied to reduce the risk of pest, rot, and fire damage without the traditional repeated use of harsh chemical treatments. At Montana Timber Products, we've created Charwood™ as a sustainable alternative.

Our Sustainable Products

We provide a wide-range of eco-friendly, and sustainable products; made with timbers and logs that have been harvested through sustainable forestry practices. The predominant method is Single Tree Selection where foresters select individual trees for harvesting. The cut logs are then removed with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. This method creates openings in the forest canopy allowing more precipitation, sunlight, and nutrients to reach the forest floor which ensures the health of other trees.

We also promote and use sealers and finishes that have zero to low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). We have made the decision to promote these products not from a cost perspective but because they far exceed the current siding industry standards and make a better product. We recycle our sawdust to be re-used by local farms for animal bedding and a local pellet manufacturer. Our unique products are made in the USA and sourced from the Northwest - local to our production and final application facility. This preserves our environment by improving energy efficiency while reducing transportation pollutants, and more importantly our carbon footprint.

Sustainable and Renewable, Reduces Forest Fire Fuels, and Preserves History          


With proper care, your Charwood™ product will remain waterproof for years. Seal-Once™ is a high-performance, toxin-free, water-based sealer that exceeds current and future eco-requirements. By incorporating sub-micron particles a unique lattice work is formed allowing the product to sink deep below the surface. As it cures it forms an interior film that prevents water from infiltrating the surface. You can simply re-seal exterior siding to your liking.

Seals and Protects against Water Penetration for up to 10-years.

Charwood™ is so durable it comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The Seal-Once™ effective finish life is 5 years on horizontal surfaces, and up to 10 years on vertical surfaces.

100% Natural. 100% Non-toxic.

Charwood™ is NOT painted. It is treated with natural, specially formulated aging and sealing ingredients, which:

Additional Product Specifications

Montana Timber Products Charwood™ Specification Sheet