Seal-Once, Eco Friendly, non toxic, NO VOC, Water-proofer

Posted on: May 29, 2013

Seal-Once, Eco Friendly, non toxic, NO VOC,  Water-proofer

Eco Friendly, non toxic, NO VOC Seal Once Water-proofer vs. Aging Compounds, Oil Based and Semi-Transparent Stains and Paints found in Montana, California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, Alaska, and Hawaii 


Montana Timber Products Ranchwood and AquaFir siding and timber product lines commonly serve as a substitute for reclaimed barn wood and alternative to cedar. With use of Seal-Once, Montana Timber Products Doug Fir kiln dried substrate provides a competitive aesthetic, performance, and cost alternative to commonly used siding applications.

Historically, many siding products have utilized cedar with commonly used stains and sealants because the substrate is more rot resistant than other types of wood siding. Most stains and sealants sold today are petroleum based and use an out-dated beading technology to repel water such as bees wax, silicones and beading agents. These applications sit on top of the substrate and attract dirt. Consequently, these formulas require reapplication as they wear away more quickly. They also do not prevent mold and mildew very effectively. The tinted products begin fading within the first year of application and the wood begins to absorb water. This water absorption causes mold and mildew and in time without maintenance the wood begins deteriorating. It is generally known that for oil applications to work they require solvents which have a higher level of VOC’s. Over time, most coating manufacturers have responded to environmental regulations by lowering VOC levels simply by reducing the volume of solvents. These changes may subtly alter a products performance in other ways. Prior to Montana Timber Products launching its Ranchwood and AquaFir product lines, Seal-Once went through extensive ASTM testing for the following: Water Absorption, Vapor Emission(breathability), Salt/Chloride resistance, mold/ mildew on wood and acute toxicity test on shrimp lave and invertebrates Seal-Once exceeded all tests requirements. Seal-Once is a water base Eco Friendly, non toxic, zero VOC (volatile organic compound) submicron particle that sinks into the surface of the wood, forms a polymer inside the wood and prevents water from infiltrating beneath. Seal-Once uses a blend of polymers designed to move with a wood’s natural expansion and contraction cycles. Seal-Once allows trapped moisture along with mold/mildew to evaporate to the surface thus drying out the wood and preventing mold/mildew to re-occur. Seal-Once works just like a breathable lining in clothing.

  • Seal-Once water based nano-technology has no VOC’s. By comparison, a typical film forming wood finish generally stops working in 6 months to 2 years on horizontal surfaces and 1 to 3 years on a vertical surface.
  • Seal-Once is Green Spec Listed and can contribute to Leed credit 4.2.
  • Seal-Once products do not change color, become yellow or streak.
  • Seal-Once offers a 10 year warranty on vertical surfaces and 6 years on horizontal surfaces against water ingress.
  • In this age of Green Technology, you can serve the environment well by recommending Seal-Once-the only product on the market that is environmentally safe, contains no VOC’s, toxins or irritants and is non-flammable compared to short lived petroleum, chemical base semi-transparent stains(read their warning on the label).
  • Seal-Once is nonflammable.

Montana Timber Products Tint Methodology – What is the difference between Seal-Once pigments and competitor’s pigments? Seal-Once pigments are UV stable and non toxic. They have been designed to react to UV light by converting UV energy into thermal energy. Basically that means that Seal-Once pigments are baked into the surface not baked out, as is the case with our competitor’s products. This is the reason our pigments protect a surface for up to 10 years. Competitor’s pigments are made from organic materials. Organic materials, such as those found in various Aging Compounds can deplete in up to 18 months as they are either washed away by the elements, or baked away by the sun. Also competitors’ pigments may be toxic. Seal-Once provides semi-transparent, trans oxide, ion oxide water base, non-toxic, low VOC tints for UV protection and color.

  • The darker the tint the longer the UV protection.
  • We estimate at least 5 plus years for the darker tints. The lighter tints such as should last 3 to 5 years before re-coating is necessary for UV protection.


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