Mountain Traditional Design

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Mountain Traditional typically integrates heavier trim and fascia with mixed widths, textures, profiles, and colors of siding. The style usually has larger, textured timbers and posts, complemented with exterior and interior trusses to add mass. Elements of steel are often included within the roof pitches and truss designs. Stone accents are commonly mixed with the siding and timbers as exterior or interior wainscot and accent walls.

Modern and Contemporary Design

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Current contemporary and modern architecture is a re-emerging design trend sweeping from coast to coast. Defined by a “Less is More” perspective, the style’s clean lines, monoslope roof pitches, and reduced trim sizing commonly illustrates the marriage of rustic wood siding with contemporary building products.


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Montana Timber Products successfully works with real estate and commercial development companies throughout the United States to provide cost effective and high quality siding, timbers, and interior product alternatives. These development sizes range from clustered individual residential custom homes, to multifamily, townhome, and condominium spaces. Our prefinished products help these developments execute their rustic wood design theme through a menu of color, profile, size, and texture options.