ranchwood™ Rustic Pre-Finished Wood Siding and Timbers


Where: Legends at Bridger Creek-Bozeman, Montana
What: Personal Residence
Special requirements: Siding product that meets architectural design criteria of community covenants, blends into landscape, can be mixed to compliment other siding building materials
Solution: Mix ranchwood wood siding with cement siding to maintain budget and offer home owner appealing design
Products: 1×8 Tackroom Ship Lap Profile for Horizontal,  2” material for trellis and decking, Vertical, Pre-Finished with NO VOC Seal-Once

Another excellent  project built with Ranchwood!

Legends at Bridger


Ranchwood integrated with cementious building material provides a rustic compliment to the exterior design of this home.  Here, 1×8 Shiplap Tackroom is utilized to accent the back and and decking area, 2” trim material is utilized to build out the trellis and window trim area of the exterior.

Products used to blend into landscape, can also be mixed to compliment other siding materials

Legends at Bridger


Ranchwood is commonly utilized as an accent for homeowners that are building on a budget and or may not desire to have wood siding cover the entire exterior of their home.  Montana Timber Products has several customers which utilize ranchwood or our AquaFir products for both interior and exterior accent features.





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