Charwood™, Shou-Sugi Ban wood siding


 Where: Southwestern Montana

What: Personal Residence, Detached Garage

Special Requirements: Implement a product that will aesthetically complete an innovative Mountain Contemporary & Modern Rustic design and stand up to the harsh demands of a Montana riverfront environment.

Solution: Montana Timber Products Charwood™ Siding, Tiger and Ebony treatments.

Products: 1×8 Shiplap (Horizontal) 1×6 Shiplap (Vertical) siding. Garage – 1×8 Vertical Shiplap


 Located on riverfront property in the heart of Big Sky Country this home radiates innovation and creativity. From the Mountain Modern design scheme to the the utilization of Charwood™, an innovative scorched wood siding product, this home is as unique, beautiful, and imaginative as it gets.


The detached garage, along with the house, implements Charwood™, a product that is one of the most unique available in the wood siding industry. The Japanese process method refrerred to as Shou-Sugi-Ban dates back hundreds of years when it was discovered that the proper scorching treatment to wood siding not only adds a powerful  and distinct look, but also an increased resistance to rot, pests, and fire.








The scorching of the wood can be applied at different levels of intensity. This Montana home in particular implemented a lightly burnt Tiger treatment as well as a more heavily scorched Ebony option. The ability to control the level to which the wood is burnt provides homeowners the ability to get the exact look desired. Charwood™ is sure to provide an extremely unique look, while its innovative charred characteristic effectively makes it a superior option in wood siding.


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