AquaFir™ prefinished siding


Where: Bozeman, Montana

What: Personal Residence

Special Requirements: Find a product that will integrate seamlessly with stucco and stone based architecture that will provide the home with exceptional resistance to the varying elements.

Solution: AquaFir™ Eastern exposure siding.
Products: Random width 1×4 to 1×8 AquaFir™-Eastern, Ship Lap profile.


Situated in the beautiful Spanish Meadows area outside of Bozeman, Montana this unique home is the accumulation of a variety of exterior products including AquaFir™ which gives the home the beauty and texture of wood, while providing long-lasting, low maintenance protection from the regularly inclement Montana weather.



Mixed width and the use of various texture options allow the AquaFir™ to stand out prominently within the stone and stucco design. Using AquaFir™ provides the home with more durability and strength than the historically chosen cedar or pine options.



AquaFir™ is used here as window trim and also acts as an accent to complement the stone wall. The AquaFir™ is sealed with zero VOC’s Seal-Once™ which provides excellent protection from the elements including protection from UV rays that can cause the wood to lose pigmentation. Seal-Once™ helps prevent the wood from cracking, splitting, or warping, making AquaFir™ a great choice for door and window trim.

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