ranchwood™, is an effective rustic wood siding cost solution.



Where: Montana

What: Personal Residence

Special Requirements:

Solution: 1×8 Ship Lap Siding and timbers

Product: ranchwood™-Tackroom wood siding and timbers.


This home, built largely with traditional siding material utilized ranchwood™ to establish a western rustic appeal. With the use of the reclaimed barn wood alternative ranchwood™, the builder was able to achieve the look desired without the cost and installation issues of traditional reclaimed wood.


Due to the ability to be produced out of high quality kiln dried material at a consistent width, this home is able to utilize ranchwood™ timbers as an integral part of structural design as well as build a rustic trellis. The timbers are textured and finished to complement the ranchwood™ siding and anchor the rustic design scheme by integrating well with the traditional siding material and stone accent wall.



ranchwood™ siding products were used in the construction of this home in a variety of ways. The timbers and siding on the main house are used predominantly as exterior accents. Conversely, ranchwood™ siding is used exclusively on the garage/workshop area which radiates the barnwood look and feel. This well designed home utilized ranchwood™ timbers and siding to emulate the rustic look of reclaimed barnwood in a cost effective manner to create a truly unique and rustic look.


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