Mixed Color Siding and Douglas Fir Timbers


Where: Park City, Utah

What: Residential Home

Solution: Mixed Color Shiplap, Circle Sawn and Wire Brushed reclaimed barn wood alternative siding and timbers

Product: ranchwood™ siding and timbers.

Montana Timber Products is the choice supplier of reclaimed barn wood, reclaimed barn wood alternatives, and Shou-sugi-ban natural wood siding and timbers. This week’s reclaimed barn wood alternative build takes us back to Park City, UT. The designers of this project chose to use Montana Timber Products’ ranchwood™ product line to give them the rustic wood siding style they desired.

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Often times, when old wood siding is reclaimed from a smaller site, the claim only provides a limited amount of a specific color. The end user can choose to either use it on a limited area, or alternatively, mix it with other colors. The mixed color, Shiplap siding used in this build is intended to recreate the unique beauty of mixed color reclaimed wood. However, Montana Timber Products’ reclaimed barn wood alternative product lines allow you to make the color, profile, and texture choice of your liking, at any quantity.

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The photos above and below give a closer look at the various dimension structural beams Circle Sawn textured siding. All Montana Timber Products siding solutions can be made into faux wood beams. However, structural beams of almost any dimension are available and can be finished in the product, color, and texture of your choice.

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Although there are standard color and burn options of the ranchwood™, AquaFir™, and Charwood™ product lines, each order is individually textured, profiled, and prefinished to your specifications using artisanal methods. Take a moment to look at the photos above and below, as well as the various galleries to better understand the multi-tonal beauty and quality of Montana Timber Products natural wood siding products.

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Whether you are looking for siding, beams, flooring, or interior accents, Montana Timber Products offers a solution for your rustic needs. All Montana Timber Products’ prefinished wood siding utilizes Seal-Once, a 100% NO VOC waterproofer with a 10 year limited warranty against water ingress.

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