Mountain Traditional use of ranchwood™ Siding


Where: Big Sky, MT

What: Personal Residence Resort Home

Solution: Shiplap siding, 1×6 Tongue and Groove soffit, and 2″ Trim.

Product:  ranchwood™ Circle Sawn siding.

Montana Timber Products produces a wide variety of high quality, environmentally responsible,  natural reclaimed barn wood and reclaimed barn wood alternatives. As we continue to build and develop our lands it is becoming of greater importance that building material producers take on a greater environmental responsibility in the production of their materials. Montana Timber Products lives by its motto, “Sustainable Pioneers”, by continuing to source responsibly harvested lumber and by using Seal-Once, a chemical free, NO VOC waterproofer.


This week’s featured project in Big Sky, MT is a personal residence resort home set in the mountains near Big Sky Mountain Resort. The designers of this Mountain Rustic architectural design home utilized a combination of stone, Circle Sawn textured, rustic ranchwood™ Shiplap siding, cedar shakes, and decorative structural timbers.


Building a larger sized Mountain Rustic architectural design home can present challenges. If it is desired to use an authentic reclaimed barn wood on a home this size, it can be difficult to source enough material of the same appearance. If you desire to go with an authentic reclaimed barn wood, Montana Timber Products’ extensive inventory or Corral Board will meet your needs. Corral Board, a true reclaimed barn wood with authentic fastener holes and bands of moss features a silver patina finish provided by decades of exposure to the harsh elements of Mother Nature. Alternatively, ranchwood™, Montana Timber Products’ flagship rustic reclaimed barn wood alternative, can provide you with the similar appearance to true reclaimed barn wood while allowing you to choose any combination of the many color, texture, and profile options.


When selecting the appropriate reclaimed barn wood or reclaimed barn wood alternative for your next home, there are a few considerations you want to keep in mind. First, decide if you want a rustic authentic reclaimed barn wood or a rustic reclaimed barn wood alternative. Take a moment to review the ranchwood™, AquaFir™, and Corral Board product lines to better understand these possibilities. Next, determine your profile, texture, and color. Montana Timber Products will mill your natural reclaimed barn wood alternative siding to any custom profile you desire. Popular standard profiles include Shiplap, Channel Rustic, and Tongue and Groove. Depending on the level rustic aesthetic appearance you desire, you may choose between a variety of textured finishes including, but not limited to, Circle Sawn, Wire Brush, and Pioneer textured finish.


Whether you are looking for siding, beams, flooring, or interior accents, Montana Timber Products offers a solution for your rustic needs. All Montana Timber Products’ prefinished wood siding utilizes Seal-Once, a 100% NO VOC waterproofer with a 10 year limited warranty against water ingress.

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