Rustic ranchwood™ Siding and Trim package


Where: Sierra Nevada Mountains

What: Residence

Product:  ranchwood™ siding with reveal and ranchwood™ square edge trim

Product Use:  Montana Timber Products ranchwood™ Yellowstone siding, shiplap with a fine line reveal, highlighted with ranchwood™ Western trim result in a stunning design and perfect example of Mountain Modern design.

The ranchwood™ material used in this home pulls the rustic feel from the heavy timber and stone features while providing a modern look much more refined than using a reclaimed wood product. The vertical use of the shiplap profile with the fine line reveal helps to highlight each individual board and adds a nice architectural detail to the home.

Montana Timber Products gives the architect and homeowner the ability to choose the perfect material to achieve a rustic and reclaimed appearance while maintaining a wide choice of color and texture options.  ranchwood™ is also available in both Fir and Cedar.

ranchwood™ is finished with Seal-Once™, a wood waterproof sealant.  Seal-Once is an environmentally green, NO VOC wood sealant that carries a 10 year Limited Warranty for wood siding.  The perfect match for this great Montana Timber Products home.

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