Cedar Charwood Tiger Wall Shingles


Where:  Montana

What:  Residence

Product: Charwood product line in cedar wall shingles using Tiger color.  To view all the colors available in Charwood go to:  http://www.montanatimberproducts.com/products/siding/charwood-siding/

Product Use:  Cedar Wall Shingles in the gables.  The light Charwood Tiger color accentuates the wall shingles as a focal point on the house.

Using the Japanese style of charred wood called Shou-Sugi-Ban dates back hundreds of years.  The Charwood technique accents the wall shingles to add character and brings a unique design choice.

The wood is sealed on all sides with the Seal Once product in a controlled environment.  Charring and sealing in a controlled mill helps to insure the wood is protected from water and weather.

Montana Timber Products is a specialty wood products manufacturer of rustic and contemporary wood siding, interior accents, reclaimed wood, and barn wood alternatives. Our ranchwood™, AquaFir™, Charwood™, and Corral Board product lines offer a full selection of exterior and interior wood materials. All the products can be used for residential and commercial application.  Each product line is offered in two wood species:  Douglas Fir and Cedar.  Seal-Once offers high performance long lasting waterproofing seal that is environmentally friendly non-toxic protection.  Selling direct to the customer and custom milling each order allows Montana Timber Products flexibility to create your project. Call 877-513-9553 or fill out a contact form at:  http://www.montanatimberproducts.com/contact/  to get product information.

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