Board and Batten Siding


Where:  Arizona
Products:  ranchwood™  in western color with wire brush texture in douglas fir.
Product use: 1×4, 1×6, 1×8 trim and fascia, 1×3 battens with 1×10 boards

Board and batten siding create a weathertight siding choice.  The unique look of board and batten offers a visually appealing and versatile style of siding.  The vertical installation creates character and shadow lines.  Board and batten siding can be used in a modern or rustic application, keep texture and design in mind to change the aesthetic.   Montana Timber Products offers boards in 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” widths to create unique looks with board and batten or board on board installation.   Also offered are circle sawn, wire brush, smooth, and raked textures, all to help design your dream project.

Montana Timber Products is a specialty wood products manufacturer of rustic, modern and contemporary wood siding, interior accents, reclaimed wood, and barn wood alternatives.  Our ranchwood™, AquaFir™, ranchwood™ Artisan, ranchwood™ weathered, Charwood™, and Corral Board product lines offer a full selection of exterior and interior wood materials.  All the products can be used for residential and commercial application.  Each product line is offered in two wood species, Douglas Fir and Cedar in various grades of each wood species ranging from #2 or better and select tight knot to clear vertical and mixed grain material.  Seal-Once offers high-performance long-lasting waterproofing seal that is environmentally friendly non-toxic protection.  Finishing the boards and sealing them in a controlled environment allows for fast efficient installation when materials are delivered to the job site.   Selling direct to the customer and custom milling each order allows Montana Timber Products flexibility to create your project.  Call 406-215-4961 for more information or fill out the contact form at:

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