ranchwood™ Creates a Custom Exterior


Where:  Idaho
Products:  ranchwood™ in prairie color with smooth texture using douglas fir wood.
Product Use:  1×8 horizontal shiplap

Siding material for a commercial structure must have functionality and fit into the area.  Selecting the type of siding will have many factors to consider;  where the building located, what is around the building now or in the future, and budget.  Balancing the desired look to the budget can be done with Montana Timber Products.  Offering five product lines in different price ranges and various wood species. Mixing wood siding with other siding mediums allows for a unique combination of textures, colors, and helps to balance the budget.  This can also be helpful to blend with surrounding buildings, while still creating a unique look.

Product specifications:
Montana Timber Products offers four product lines in douglas fir or cedar. Corral board is authentic reclaimed wood for the 5th product line.   Material is available in 4″, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12″ wide boards in random or exact lengths ranging from 4ft to 16ft long.  Select from 6 profiles: shiplap, shiplap with ¼ or 1/8” reveal, square edge, square edge lap, tongue and groove, and channel rustic.  Textures for AquaFir™ and ranchwood™ are smooth, wire brushed, circle sawn, hand hewn, and pioneer.  ranchwood™ Artisan is offered in ONE texture (raked). Charwood™ makes its own texture from the burning.  Thickness offered is 1″,5/4 (cedar only), and 2″ nominal sizing. Timbers, posts, and beams are offered in 3”,4” etc in lengths up to 38’.  All the materials are stained, textured, and profiled to each projects specification and sealed on all 4 sides with our seal-once sealant.

Montana Timber Products is a leading manufacturer of specialty pre-finished wood and reclaimed wood products.  Our process allows us to customize each order to meet the customers design needs.  Offering multiple product lines in two wood species in various grades, makes it easy to find what fits each project’s needs. Each product line can be used for:  siding, trim, soffit and fascia, interior accents, timbers, fabricated trusses, decking, fencing, and glulam beams.

Customers enjoy mill direct pricing, exceptional quality, flexibility with colors and profiles. To get a quote or more information call 406-215-4961 or fill out the contact form:  https://www.montanatimberproducts.com/contact/


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