We are an environmentally conscious, specialty wood products company in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Montana Timber Products focuses on utilizing state-of-the-art technology, direct sourcing, and a streamlined distribution network. We are the industry leader in quality rustic finishes designed to replicate reclaimed wood. And we’re proud to produce it all in a sustainably resourced environment.


Montana Timber Products works with small sawmills to support proper forest stewardship and ensure truly sustainable products. We are able to partner with these small sawmills to eliminate unneeded production steps to save time, energy and cost while sourcing the highest-quality raw material.


Montana Timber Products is dedicated to the sustainable harvest of our forests. We support the preservation of old growth forests and encourage forestry stewardship that focuses on the reduction of the negative impact on delicate soils and watersheds, while increasing wildlife habitat. We also support the use of sustainable wood products to curb the dismantling of historical buildings for the purpose of new construction.

It is important to us that we not waste any of our harvested wood. So, we recycle all by-products, including the sawdust from our production plant. This is how we demonstrate how much we care about our environment and the sustainable harvest of our forests.


Montana Timber Products is committed to creating a legacy of using and manufacturing sustainable timber products from forests in the Western United States for homes everywhere, through good stewardship of our environment and natural resources.


Why an Alternative to Reclaimed Wood?

It sounds so counterintuitive. We do love how reclaimed wood has matured over time. It is durable and beautiful. However, most reclaimed wood is acquired by dismantling historical structures and ghost towns. It is limited in quantity and costly to reclaim. What’s more, only about half of reclaimed wood is considered construction quality, therefore up to 50% is wasted. This is why we’ve created ranchwood™ as a sustainable alternative with a beautifully aged look and feel.

Made with the Highest Sustainability Practices

We provide a wide range of eco-friendly, and sustainable products made with timbers and logs  harvested through sustainable forestry practices. The predominant method is Single-Tree Selection where foresters select individual trees for harvesting. The cut logs are then removed with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. This method creates openings in the forest canopy allowing more precipitation, sunlight, and nutrients to reach the forest floor which ensures the health of other trees.

We also utilize a water sealant which contains zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). We chose this product because it exceeds the current siding industry standards. We even recycle our sawdust for neighboring farms’ animal bedding and a local pellet manufacturer’s heating products. Everything we offer is made in the USA and sourced near our manufacturing facility.  And to further minimize our carbon footprint, we developed a transportation network that ensures the most efficient transportation of materials.

We are inspired by the weathered history and raw character of the West. We are all about forward thinking, resource sustainability and stewardship as well as beautiful and functional home designs that tell a story. Now, we hope to be part of your home and your story.

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