Decks and Rails: Do you prefer Rustic or Modern?


Spring is a good time to refresh the exterior of your home.  Refreshing or upgrading railing and decking can make everything look new or even change the exterior elevation of the home.  When deciding on what look you want to achieve for your outdoor refuge, think about what style you want:  modern, contemporary, country, or rustic look.  Outdoor space can be an extension of your home, make that space cozy and visually interesting to complement your home and style.   

When selecting the wood for your project, keep in mind Ranchwood™, gives a rustic look in more natural colors and AquaFir™, gives more of a modern/contemporary look with color choices for a vibrant appearance.  Both products offer many textures to complete a beautiful design and even compliment the homes siding/trim.  Mixing color choices can add a twist to a simple design and bring visual complexity to the deck and railing with no added work, all the products come prefinished.   Adding outdoor living space can also make the home look and feel larger all while being aesthetically pleasing.

Ranchwood Eastern circle sawn product brings the rustic look to the contemporary design using the horizontal railing slats.  The sturdy horizontal pieces make for a nice modern country look, while giving plenty of air flow and light to the space all while allowing for privacy.  This is a very economical way to build over a day light basement and also insures safety.


2×6 decking material is No.2 grade or better quality which minimizes knots and provide structural integrity.  The ranchwood and aquafir products provide durability and strength from either Douglas Fir or Cedar allowing for the balance needed to build a budget friendly deck with characteristics to compliment the home.

This traditional barn added some flair with a balcony off the living quarters to extend living space.  The railing is traditional vertical slats to stay in the rustic style of the barn.  Using Ranchwood in Tackroom color to create a rugged well-built extended living space.  The 2×6 decking was prefinished on both the top and bottom to meet the customer’s needs.  Ranchwood is an economical solution instead of using reclaimed barn wood for many projects while still achieving the weathered appearance..

This mixed material railing keeps the rustic look, but allows for some additional texture to compliment the wood by using metal mesh.  This combination compliments the building and allows light through, keeps the view unobstructed, but the space is also enclosed for safety.  Using wood balusters in a darker color than the siding keeps within the barn style for a natural look and the mesh just allows for some creativity in the finished design.


Whenever a project is being planned out having the peace of mind that all the wood is protected with a No VOCs, eco-friendly, water based formula of Seal Once, you know family, animals and the environment are not impacted by the project.   All of our wood comes prefinished to preserve the natural beauty and long lasting waterproofing.  Prefinished wood also allows for completing the project faster, no waiting on stains or paints to dry.  Leaving more time to enjoy using the deck.


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