Wood Fences from Rustic to Modern make a good neighbor


Spring can be a great time to find inspiration for making changes to your property.  Natural wood products bring a warm look to anyone’s home.  Various applications can change how you feel about your property or spruce it up to sell.

Fencing can tie together the entire home package, Robert Frost said “Good fences make good neighbors”.  Fencing is part of the landscaping, it can add character and something of interest as well as function to every home.  A well designed fence can add texture, interesting patterns and enable a home owner to have a sense of security and privacy from a fence all while enhancing the homes curb appeal.  Wood fencing can allow you to be creative with spacing, heights, board widths, color, and even mix with stone or other natural materials.

Corral Board products are recycled repurposed wood, giving a rustic look for any home.  We’ve been building with wood for over 10,000 years, recycling wood for projects like fencing is the perfect way to incorporate something old into something new.

Charwood™  is a Japanese style charred wood called Shou-Sugi-Ban.  This can give a modern contemporary look to create a beautiful fence that morphs into art.  Mixing the wood with rock creates texture and interest to the landscape. The 1×6 shiplap board creates the perfect interlocking pieces for a clean look.


Creating a privacy fence was not a challenge for this beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho hotel.  Making the space functional, yet cohesive with the hotel design allowed the builder to use a mixture of stone, steel and Ranchwood.  The channel rustic profile on the gates helped refine the look and keep it fully enclosed and sturdy.

Wood has always been valued for its beauty, practicality and value proposition.  Investing in the right fence for you will increase property value and allow you to enjoy your home to its fullest.  All materials are pre-finished and come ready to install.  Montana Timber Products feature Seal-Once allowing the beauty of the natural wood to shine through while being protected from the elements for many years to come.










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