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Pioneer Wood Siding and Timber Series

Where: Colorado What: Personal Residence Solution: Pioneer Texture Douglas Fir Timbers (beams), Random width vertical Shiplap siding, 2×12 Channel Rustic siding with chinking. Product: ranchwood™ wood siding and timbers. Texture: Pioneer and circle sawn. Our latest project takes us back to … Continue reading

Stone, Steel, and Rustic Prefinished ranchwood™ Wood Siding and AquaFir™ Beams

Where: Montana What: Personal Residence Solution: 1×6 vertical, Circle Sawn, shiplap siding, 2×12 Circle Sawn, Channel Rustic Siding, and Douglas Fir Timbers (beams). Product: ranchwood™. Color – Custom. Texture: Circle Sawn. Eastern Trim and AquaFir™ Brown Timbers (beams). A combination of … Continue reading

ranchwood™ Wood Siding and Interior Accents

Where: Northern Idaho What: Personal Residence Special Requirements: Solution: 1×8 Ship Lap Siding Product: ranchwood™-Southern wood siding. Set on the shore of a small moutain lake in Northern Idaho, this mountain modern home creates the perfect summer gettaway. The comfort of white sands and … Continue reading