Hospitality & Resort

Attracting More Guests

Montana Timber Products offers all the attributes that a design and construction management teams look for in a material supplier. Whether you’re creating a cozy bed-and-breakfast, a grand lodge, or a new hotel, we’ll give you five-star service – from the product selection to a best-in-class, pre-finished, product. No project is too big or too small. See why some of the most recognized hospitality names in the industry use Montana Timber Products materials across the country.

Retail & Office

Bringing Beauty to Brick and Mortar

You want your store to stand out from the crowd – whether it’s on Main St. or at a major shipping mall. Of course, like your customers, you want a great value – a proven product that can withstand the elements. You also want to keep your overhead low, so you need these materials at a price that matches your budget. And if you happen to be a little behind schedule, we’ll help you find a way to make up for lost time at Montana Timber Products. This is what we’ve done for so many other retailers – from Alaska to California and Chicago to New York. Are you ready to be the next satisfied customer?


Serving Up the Right Ambience

What do coffee, craft beer, steak, and sushi have in common? Montana Timber Products creates the perfect setting for all of these food and beverages. With our ranchwood, AquaFir, and Charwood product offerings, you’ll find a natural wood product that perfectly suits your palette.

Since your customers would rather smell your food than a bunch of strong chemicals, we can pre-finish the materials right here with our environmentally friendly and No-VOC Seal-Once product. So, there won’t be any harmful chemicals on your walls.


Creating Barns with Character

Whether your next barn project will be a home to animals, artwork, or a growing family, you’ll find Montana Timber Products to be an ideal choice for pre-finished natural wood materials. Architects, builders, and owners choose us for the character of our products, the safe nature of our No-VOC Seal-Once product, and the countless customized solutions our team provides. You only want the best natural wood in a variety of styles. Which is why we’ve placed ranchwood, AquaFir, and Charwood products on barns throughout North America.

Inspired Creations

Building Outside of the Box

Every once in a while, your creative instincts kick in and you just want to push the envelope and build outside the box. Of course, that doesn’t mean you want to throw caution to the wind. You want to make sure it can be done right, too. You’re not alone. Just check out the sample of our work below that highlight the projects where customers asked us, “Can you do that?” As you can see, our answer at Montana Timber Products is, “How could we say ‘No’?” We are a custom mill shop with a dedicated workforce of craftsmen who encourage all kinds of creativity. We have the buying power with various mills that allow us to source the dimensions of cedar and Douglas Fir that you need, rather than just what we have in stock. And we have a prolific offering of product lines and finish colors that can be mixed in any combination that you can imagine.

After browsing our site, if you don’t see what you want, please call us at 406-215-4961 and share your ideas with one of our experienced service representatives to find out what we can create for you.