Barns and Specialty Production

Reclaimed Rustic Barn Wood Siding and Timbers-ranchwood™

Where: Western Montana What: Recreational Barn Special requirements:  Utilize a unique product milled to specific dimensions and prefinished while providing the desired rustic look. Solution:  ranchwood™– Prairie Products:  1×10 and 1×6 Reverse Board on Board, 2×4 and 2×6 trim, Accent Beams and … Continue reading

ranchwood™ Rustic Wood Shiplap Siding and Timbers

Where: Utah What: Personal Barn and Equestrian Residence Special Requirements: Create a rustic horse barn with modern functionality Solution: Random width shiplap siding, and timbers Product: ranchwood™-Yellowstone wood siding and timbers. Texture: Circle saw   The beautiful town of Spanish Fork, … Continue reading

Wood Siding and Timbers alternate- ranchwood™

Where: Southwestern Montana What: Recreational Barn Special requirements:  Implement a unique product that can be milled and modified to specific dimensions while beautifully providing the desired rustic look. Solution:  ranchwood™-Tackroom Products:  Random width Shiplap (1×6, 1×8, 1×10), 2” material (2×4 … Continue reading

ranchwood™- Rustic Wood Siding

Where: Whitefish, Montana What: Recreational Residence & Barn Special requirements:  Space that combines functional living area with abundant storage.  Rustic siding and timber design which fits within mountainous landscape setting. Utilize a safe coating application with a NO VOC and … Continue reading

ranchwood™-Rustic Wood Siding, Timbers, and Interior Accents

Where: Flathead Valley, Montana What: Recreational Horse Barn Special requirements:  Utilize a product which can be milled to several dimensions, textured to provide desired aesthetic appearance of old wood, and is prefinished with a safe NON TOXIC NO VOC Seal-Once … Continue reading

Mountain Modern-ranchwood™ Siding, Beams, and Interior Accents

Where:  Denver, Colorado What: Mountain Modern Construction of new Personal Residence Company:  Montana Timber Products-ranchwood siding and beams Special requirements:  Wood product that provides aesthetic appeal for use outside and inside the home. Modern and Rustic Design which meets Owner … Continue reading

ranchwood™ Prefinished Board and Batten / Shiplap Wood Siding

Where: Gallatin Gateway-Bozeman, Montana What: New Mountain Barn with Living Quarters Special requirements:  Prefinished rustic siding integrated with barn design at more affordable price than reclaimed barn wood material Solution:  ranchwood™-Tackroom and Western Exposure, prefinished with Seal-Once waterproofer Products:  1×10 … Continue reading

ranchwood™ Rustic Rough Cut Prefinished Wood Siding

Where: Maloney Meadows-Bozeman, Montana What: Personal Residence Special requirements: Mixed width and color application to emulate reclaimed barn wood appearance Solution:  ranchwood-Tackroom, Eastern Exposure, Southern Exposure Products: 1×8, 1×10, 1×12 Shiplap for both horizontal and vertical   ranchwood – Tackroom, Eastern Exposure, Southern Exposure mixed … Continue reading

Rustic Mixed Colors ranchwood™ Prefinished Wood Siding and Timbers

Where: Rock Creek Cattle Company-Deer Lodge, Montana What: New Cabins at the #1 Residential Golf course in America and one of the most exclusive and diverse developments in the nation. Special requirements: Rustic siding to compliment modern/rustic design trend Solution: Ranchwood-Various grey/brown color tones … Continue reading

Ranchwood Wood Siding and Barn Series Timbers

Where: Buffalo, Wyoming What: New Rustic Barn with Living Quarters in Wyoming Special requirements: Pre Finished product representing appearance of Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding Solution:  Ranchwood (a high quality alternative to rough cut Reclaimed Barn Wood) -Tackroom Products: Random Width … Continue reading